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Wasp Control Edinburgh – Wasp’s start to emerge from there hibernation in the spring.

As the weather start to warm up the queen wasp come out from hibernation.

Once awakened the queens will begin to look for a suitable place to build her new nest.

Once the queen has chosen a nest location she will start stripping wood from sheds, fence panels, dead trees etc to build the nest.

The queen will start to lay eggs into cone cells and once they have hatched she will care for and feed the larvae till the colony and nest starts to grow.

Wasps prefer to build nests in sheltered places with easy access to the outside,

Such as sheds, lofts, foundation air bricks, garages, wall cavities, bird boxes, under ground, hollow trees and bushes.

They have black and yellow band’s around their body and a narrow ‘waist’ in the middle of their body. The worker wasp’s are 10-15mm long and the Queen’s are 20mm long.

They are generally disliked and feared because of their painful sting’s.

You should not attempt to Treat or Destroy a Wasp Nest your self if you are sensitive to Wasp sting’s.

If you disturb a Wasp Nest, you may provoke the Wasp’s inside to swarm, attack and sting you as a form of defence.

Wasp sting’s may be serious, and in extreme but rare circumstance’s, they may prove fatal.

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Wasp Control Edinburgh

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