Wasp Nest Removal Edinburgh:

Wasp Nest Removal Edinburgh – Edinburgh Pest Control Service’s have trained technician’s cover the whole of Edinburgh and the surrounding area’s Fife, Alloa, Falkirk etc. We have locally based wasp control technician’s in Edinburgh and the surrounding area’s and so we are never too far away to come and treat a Wasp Nest or hornet nest for you. Wasp’s are probably the most familiar and disliked of all British insect’s, and are often regarded as nuisance pest’s or a threat to health although they are not responsible for the spread of disease. They have black and yellow band’s around their body and a narrow ‘waist’ in the middle of their body. The worker wasp is 10-15mm long and the Queen is 20mm long. They have two pair’s of wing’s which lock together and the needle-like sting is possessed only by the female’s and is concealed near the tip of the abdomen. They are generally disliked and feared because of their painful sting’s. Wasp sting’s may be serious, and in extreme but rare circumstance’s, they may prove fatal.

You should not attempt to Treat or Destroy a Wasp’s Nest your self if you are sensitive to Wasp sting’s. If you disturb a Wasp Nest, you may provoke the Wasp’s inside to swarm, attack and sting you as a form of defence.

Wasp Nest Removal Edinburgh have a simple promise, we will be with you within 24 hour’s of your call, or a time that suit’s you, to carry out the Wasp Control or Wasp Nest Removal, whichever is needed, and leave you free of Wasp’s or hornet’s GUARANTEED. It’s that simple. No fuss, No mess – all protected by our guarantee.

Wasp Nest Removal Edinburgh

  • Wasp Nest Removal Edinburgh offer’s a service to both Domestic and Commercial propertie’s.
  • Wasp Nest Removal Edinburgh has fully trained, experienced Wasp controller’s covering the Edinburgh area’s.
  • Wasp Nest Removal Edinburgh will destroy the Wasp infestation and if possible remove the Wasp’s Nest.
  • Wasp Nest Removal Edinburgh offer a 24/7 rapid response service.
  • Call Now for Free Quote 01383 735695 / 07874276514.


Wasp Nest Removal Edinburgh